Ready For Ramadan Workshop, March 2021.

At the core of our operations at Bismillah Buddies, is ‘Understanding Islamic Concepts’ in a fun, engaging, and relevant manner. This is what we’ve focused on since our inception nearly 7 years back. Living in UAE, Ramadan was one time of the year where we received a huge boost with the whole country getting into the spirit of the month. It automatically made the kids curious about Ramadan and pushed us, adults, into getting into the mode of spiritual readiness. The Ramadan workshops that we’ve held over the years were intended on teaching the values of the month to children along with the rituals that they see around them. We explained the instructions that were revealed to us, historic incidents from the Seerah along with the importance of its practice today.
With this being our second year amidst the ‘big Panda’, we are all responsible for staying in and staying safe within our bubbles during Ramadan. At a time when we are reminded of big gatherings, family, and community, we would like to bring you a piece of this feeling through our Ready for Ramadan Workshop. Join us as we tackle your biggest concerns with regards to being mentally and physically prepared for Ramadan. Let us introduce the beauty and blessings of this month to your children. Get tips & tricks from experienced individuals, who can help us make the most of this beneficial time.

Why Choose Ready For Ramadan?

9 years

The Team at Bismillah Buddies have dedicated 9 years to researching and conducting workshops for children between the ages of 1 to 10 years. Our signature style learn through play sessions have been successfully carried out in both formal and informal settings

1000+ students

Since 2013, we have had several batches of fresh young faces and inquisitive minds ready to embark on the journey of Islamic Learning. Year after Year as more young children join us, and we watched our babies grow up, we saw how they knowingly and unknowingly absorbed not just the information, but the sights, the sounds, and the feelings we wanted them to experience through our sessions.

Signature Style

Our unique method of delivery has been practised, tried, tested and revised after years of research and development with our own kids. Since our inception, we have held on to our original core value of making Islamic Education Fun. Engaging & Relevant for young children.


From starting in the living rooms of our homes. to landing contracts with government-related entities. Every individual within our community has played a key role in supporting and nurturing our ethos. This workshop will feature talented individuals from our community who will share their expertise with you all, so that we can work towards a productive month together.



Finding your rhythm as a Family

  • Mentor and Motivational speaker Jasmine Sherafuddin, has worked with youngsters, conducting various seminars and workshops both online and offline. WIth certifications in counselling, learning disabilities and psychology, Jasmine will take us through some insightful reflections in order to help us figure out a realistic and practical system that best suits our family, our routine and our vibes.

A Sound Body for a Sound Mind

  • Ramadan needn’t be a time of overindulgence and excessiveness. Rather it can be a time where our bodies benefit as much as our minds. We have Nasreen Abdulla Level 3 Fitness trainer who has been successfully working out in Ramadan for the past 3 years and keeping fit while fasting. Nasreen will take us through some of the things we can do to be wary of falling off track of our fitness and diet goals this Ramadan.

Getting closer to Qur'an through Children's Arabic Literature

  • What better way to connect to the Quran and benefit from this precious month than getting to know its language. Research Fellow Juwaeriyah will show us how engaging children through Simple Children's Arabic Literature can pave the way for them to have a deeper relationship with the Quran

Ready for Ramadan kids session

  • Introduce the concept of Ramadan to your children through our signature Learn Through Play Session. As always. We will have storytime, Rhyme Time. Craft Time AND MUCH MORE

Bonus Session: ( Ready for ramadan Plus): Straight from the Hafiz’s Mouth , Ahmed Shah

  • A young achiever, Ahmad Shah has recently completed his Quran Hifdh after years of dedicated effort. Join us as we ask him about his experience and learn from him, what helped him achieve this dream of his.



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