An offer we can’t refuse

Mount Arafat or Mount Arafah is a granite hill east of Mecca is also known as the Mount of Mercy (Jabal ar-Rahmah). This is where Prophet Muhammad SAW delivered the Farewell Sermon to the Muslims who had accompanied him for the Hajj towards the end of his life.

On the 9th of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah pilgrims go to Arafat from Mina, for the most important part of the Hajj. The Khutbah of Hajj is narrated and Zuhr prayer and Asr prayer are prayed together. The pilgrims spend the whole day on the mountain to supplicate to Allah to forgive their sins and to pray for personal strength in the future.

The last stretch of a race is when the athlete pushes themselves to the best of their abilities. They can see the finish line and is willing to ignore the fatigue and the pain to just reach their goal. The Day of Arafh is the last stretch for the Muslims. The day when we’d like to give yet our all. To dig into the deepest crevices of our subconscious and pull out the most earnest of Duas for our Creator. There is no shame in shedding tears in displaying weakness because the reward that’s promised is too great to miss. Forgiveness and sins from the past year and the coming year. An offer we can’t refuse right ? May Allah enable us to give it our all on this beautiful day and May He accept our Duas.

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