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Ready For Ramadan Workshop, March 2021 (Basic)

Access to zoom sessions Q&A Live Discount on Ready for Ramadan Kit Kahoots Finale

Ready For Ramadan Workshop, March 2021 (Plus)

Access to Live Sessions Recordings of sessions Q&A Live Ready for Ramadan Kit (shipped free to UAE residents) Bonus Session Kahoots Finale DIscount on Bismillah Buddies Website Giveaway Entry

Travels with the Sahabah ( Past event)

The companions of the Prophet SAW were a group of amazing men and women. People who not only lived in Makkah or Medina but people who had travelled from lands far away. They were of different traits, some brave warriors and skilled fighters, some intelligent scholars, some who were creative and artistic, some known for their generosity. What brought them together was their Love for Allah SWT and His Messenger and their willingness to give up their lives for the sake of Allah SWT.